Innovation characteristics

Number of Models:
information tooltip image The number of models that include elements aligned with the given construct.


information tooltip image Components abstracted from each model and aligned with the given construct.



Appraise all types of evidence

Clinical Encounter

Clinical Guidelines

Complexity, Relative Advantage, and Observability



Cultural Homophilly in provision of care

Design Intervention Prototype - (4A) design intervention to incorporate scientific evidence and locally developed programs

EBP practice guidelines


Efficiency, Safety, Effectiveness, Equity, Patient-centeredness, Timeliness

Equity of Services


Evidence -Based Interventions

Evidence -Based Interventions (Components)

Evidence -Based Practices

Evidence and Compatibility

Evidence EBP characteristics

Evidence Reviews

Evidence Strength & Quality

Evidence-Based Innovations

Features of the Innovation

Flexibility (delivery and adherence)

Foster a norm of inclusion

Identify Multiple Inputs for New Program - Identify scientific evidence relevant to planned intervention to address targeted health disparity


Innovation Characteristics

Innovation Effectiveness

Innovation Efficacy

Innovation Fit with Users’ Norms and Values


Intervention Characteristics

Intervention Factors

Knowledge & Beliefs about the Intervention

Multiple Types

Network with Innovation Developers and Consultants

Practical and logistical issues within the context of the healthcare setting

Program (intervention)

Program Related Factors

Relevant Evidence and Information

Research and pblished guidelines; clinical experiences and perceptions; patient experiences, needs, preferences; local practice information; characteristics of the targeted EBP

Scientific merit

Seamlessness of transition between program elements

Specify Theory - Determine theoretical basis for behavioral changes

Specify Theory - Identify Framework of Social-Ecological Determinants of Disparities

Strength of the evidence base

Summarize Evidence

System Interventions

The Innovation

The way interventions work

Types of innovation

Use of Services

information tooltip image The definition of the construct.

The objects of D&I activities are interventions with proven efficacy and effectiveness (i.e., evidence-based). Interventions within D&I research should be defined broadly and may include programs, practices, processes, policies, and guidelines. In D&I research, we often encounter with complex interventions (e.g., interventions using community-wide education) where the description of core intervention components and their relationships involve multiple settings, audiences, and approaches.

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