Availability, Responsiveness & Continuity (ARC): An Organizational & Community Intervention Model

D and/or I:
information tooltip image The focus on dissemination and/or implementation activities. D-only focuses on an active approach of spreading evidence-based interventions to target audience via determined channels using planned strategies. D=I, D>I, and I>D means there is some focus on both dissemination and implementation. I-only focuses on process of putting to use or integrating evidence-based interventions within a setting.


Socio-Ecological Levels:
information tooltip image The level of the framework at which the model operates. Individual includes personal characteristics; Organization includes hospitals, service organizations, and factories; Community includes local government and neighborhoods; System includes hospital systems and government; Policy includes changes in policy.


Number of Times Cited:
information tooltip image The # of times the original publication for the model was cited as indicated by Google Scholar since 2016.


Field of Origin:
information tooltip image The field of study in which the model originated.

Mental health

information tooltip image Whether the model is for the use of practitioners and/or researchers.

Researcher and Practitioner

information tooltip image These are ratings given by users of the site.

information tooltip image The original publication(s) of the model.

Glisson C, Schoenwald SK. The ARC organizational and community intervention strategy for implementing evidence-based children's mental health treatments. Mental Health Serv Res 2005;7(4):243–59. Glisson C, Schoenwald SK, Hemmelgarn A, et al. Randomized trial of MST and ARC in a two-level evidence-based treatment implementation strategy. J Consult Clin Psychol 2010;78(4):537–50.

information tooltip image Citations of studies that have used the model as an outline for their study.

Glisson C, Dukes D, Green P. The effects of the ARC organizational intervention on caseworker turnover, climate, and culture in children’s service systems. Child Abuse Neglect, 2006 Aug;30(8):855-80; discussion 849-54. doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2005.12.010.

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Glisson, Charles, Nathaniel J. Williams, Anthony Hemmelgarn, Enola Proctor, and Philip Green. “Aligning Organizational Priorities with ARC to Improve Youth Mental Health Service Outcomes.” Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2016, Aug; 84(8):713-25. doi:10.1037/ccp0000107.

Williams, N.J., Glisson, C., Hemmelgarn, A. et al. Mechanisms of Change in the ARC Organizational Strategy: Increasing Mental Health Clinicians’ EBP Adoption Through Improved Organizational Culture and Capacity. Adm Policy Ment Health 44, 269-283 (2017). doi: 10.1007/s10488-016-0742-5

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