Number of Models:
information tooltip image The number of models that include elements aligned with the given construct.


information tooltip image Components abstracted from each model and aligned with the given construct.

"Document that outcomes are associated with improved healthrelated

Adaptive, contextually sensitive continuous quality improvement

Appropriateness of care


Assess feasibility, benefits and risk

Assess Relevant Knowledge/Evidence

Assess whether translation/product or use goes beyond actual evidence

Build Community Capacity for Delivery - enhance infrastructure and expertise

Build Community Capacity for Delivery - select/train community-based interventionists (an interim intervention)


Comparative Evaluation/Decision Making

Conducting a Clinical Trial and Evaluation of the Innovation

Define Outcomes

Define proposed change

Deliver transcreated Intervention and Evaluate Implementation Process - create and implement methods for assessing other process for delivering intervention (summative evaluation)

Design Study, Methods, and Measures for Community Setting - develop outreach, recruitment, and data collection strategies appropriate for population and setting

Design Study, Methods, and Measures for Community Setting - develop rigorous study design that is appropriate for intervention delivered in community setting

Design Study, Methods, and Measures for Community Setting - select measures of outcomes, mediators, and moderators that are relevant and appropriate for populationIdentify

Develop effect and process evaluation questions

Develop evaluation model

Document that best practices improve outcomes.

Economic analysis


Evaluate Degree and nature of other Criteria

Evaluate Efficacy of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

Evaluate outcomes

Evaluate process and Outcome

Evaluate the effectiveness of adherence strategies

Evaluate the practice decision or change



Evaluation Efforts

Implement & Evaluate

Implementation/Process Evaluation

Measure performance

Measurement and Feedback

Mechanisms to achieve

Methodological adequacy



Monitor Process and Outcomes

Monitor progress and evaluate impact

Outcome/Impact Evaluation

Outcome/Process Evaluation

Phase 3: evaluation of CW implementation programs

Pilot Study Demonstration

Practice-Based Research

Pragmatic Trials

Process Evaluation*

Process evaluations

Process, outcome and cost evaluation*

Process, Outcome Evaluation

Program Evaluation

Qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis

Quality of life."

Refine research question

Reflect and adapt

Reflect and evaluate

Reflecting & Evaluating

Reflexive Monitoring

Research and evaluate*

Select Outcomes Indicators

Staff Evaluation

Summative Feedback Process

survey of clinicians

survey of researchers


information tooltip image The definition of the construct.

Assessment of the efficacy, effectiveness, dissemination, or implementation of an intervention.

Related Models

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GEM D&I link: Reflecting and Evaluating