Intervention Mapping

D and/or I:
information tooltip image The focus on dissemination and/or implementation activities. D-only focuses on an active approach of spreading evidence-based interventions to target audience via determined channels using planned strategies. D=I, D>I, and I>D means there is some focus on both dissemination and implementation. I-only focuses on process of putting to use or integrating evidence-based interventions within a setting.


Socio-Ecological Levels:
information tooltip image The level of the framework at which the model operates. Individual includes personal characteristics; Organization includes hospitals, service organizations, and factories; Community includes local government and neighborhoods; System includes hospital systems and government; Policy includes changes in policy.


Number of Times Cited:
information tooltip image The # of times the original publication for the model was cited as indicated by Google Scholar since 2016.


Field of Origin:
information tooltip image The field of study in which the model originated.

Health Education and Promotion Research

information tooltip image Whether the model is for the use of practitioners and/or researchers.

Researcher and Practitioner

information tooltip image These are ratings given by users of the site.

information tooltip image Name of the construct developed by classifying/aligning the elements abstracted from models.

Acceptability/feasibility, Adaptation and evolution, Adoption, Barriers and facilitators, Development of an Intervention, Evaluation, Implementation, Pre-implementation, Stakeholders

information tooltip image The original publication(s) of the model.

Bartholomew LK1, Parcel GS, Kok G. Intervention mapping: a process for developing theory- and evidence-based health education programs. Health Educ Behav. 1998;25(5):545-63.

information tooltip image Citations of studies that have used the model as an outline for their study.

Ahmadpour M, Omidvar N, Doustmohammadian A, Rahimiforoushani A, Shakibazadeh E. Children Food and Nutrition Literacy – a New Challenge in Daily Health and Life, the New Solution: Using Intervention Mapping Model Through a Mixed Methods Protocol. J Med Life. 2020 Apr-Jun;13(2):175-182. doi: 10.25122/jml-2019-0025.

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