Development of an Intervention

Number of Models:
information tooltip image The number of models that include elements aligned with the given construct.


information tooltip image Components abstracted from each model and aligned with the given construct.

Adopting and designing the Nursing Practice Innovation


Design Intervention Prototype - (4A) design intervention to incorporate scientific evidence and locally developed programs

Design Intervention Prototype - Integrate 4A and B to develop intervention components; vet prototype for relevance and potential for success.

Designing for dissemination

Develop study materials

Develop the case

Evidence-based intervention development

Linkage - design stage: shared meanings and mission, effective knowledge transfer, user involvement in specification, capture of user-led innovation

Practical and logistical issues within the context of the healthcare setting

Program Design

Proximal Program Objectives

Select Study Design

Specify Theory - Determine theoretical basis for behavioral changes

Theoretical Methods and PRactical Strategies