Number of Models:
information tooltip image The number of models that include elements aligned with the given construct.


information tooltip image Components abstracted from each model and aligned with the given construct.

Acceptability, Sustainability, Uptake, Cost, Feasibility

Actual fit or utility; suitability for everyday use; practicability

Affiliation with Organizational Culture


Cost-efficacy and Feasibility

Design Intervention Prototype - (4A) design intervention to incorporate scientific evidence and locally developed programs

Determine appropriateness and feasibility of translating recommendations into the specific practice setting

Feedback on Execution and Fidelity


Innovation Characteristics

Local priorities


Usability and adaptability

information tooltip image The definition of the construct.

Acceptability: Perception among implementation stakeholders that a treatment, service, practice or innovation is agreeable, palatable, or satisfactory....[D]different from the larger construct of service is more specific, referencing a particular treatment or set of treatments, while satisfaction typically references the general service experience." Stakeholders need specific knowledge about aspects or components of the treatment/innovation are needed in order for acceptability to be assessed. Acceptability should be considered in conjunction with other constructs throughout the implementation process (e.g. acceptability must be considered for adoption during the early stages).

Feasibility: The extent to which a new treatment, or an innovation, can be successfully used or carried out within a given agency or setting. Related to appropriateness but may include other concerns specific to an agency or organization like resources or staff training needs. Feasibility should be considered during the early stages of implementation during adoption.

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