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Adopting and designing the Nursing Practice Innovation


Adoption and Implementation: develop a linkage system

Adoption and Implementation: specify adoption and implementation performance objectives

Adoption and Implementation: specify determinants of adoption and implementation

Adoption and Implementation: write an implementation plan

Adoption System

Adoption, Implementation and Institutionalization

Adoption/Decision Preparation

Adult: Parent - Commitment to Organization

Adult: Parent - Perceived Importance

Adult: Teacher - Commitment to Organization

Adult: Teacher - Perceived Importance



Decide or adapt, adopt or reject practice change.

Deciding whether to adopt, alter or reject the innovation


Decision Point: Is change Appropriate for adoption in practice?

Decision point: Is there sufficient Research Base?

Exploration and Adoption

Implementation plan and its realization; EBP innovation uptake; Patient and organizational outcomes achievement

Network with Innovation Developers and Consultants

Training Readiness and Efforts

Uptake; utilization; initial implementation; intention to try

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The intention, initial decision, or action to try or employ an innovation or evidence-based practice. Adoption also may be referred to as ‘‘uptake.’’ Adoption occurs in the early to mid implementation stage and is assessed from the organizational or provider perspective.

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