Number of Models:
information tooltip image The number of models that include elements aligned with the given construct.


information tooltip image Components abstracted from each model and aligned with the given construct.

Adult: Parent - Engagement

Adult: Parent - Knowledge

Adult: Teacher - Engagement

Adult: Teacher - Knowledge

Child - Knowledge

Collaborative Design and Evaluation

Design Intervention Prototype - Integrate 4A and B to develop intervention components; vet prototype for relevance and potential for success.


Engage a coalition of credible campaign sponsors


Engagement and Adaptation


Facilitated meetings between decision makers and researchers

Identify Community Infrastructure and Engage Partners - Identify Partners and Form an Academic Community Coalition to Address the Health Disparity


Parent - Intention/Goal Setting

Parent - Knowledge

Prioritize Specialized Training

Specify Theory - Determine theoretical basis for behavioral changes

Specify Theory - Identify Framework of Social-Ecological Determinants of Disparities

Stakeholders identifying low-value care

Teacher - Intention/Goal Setting

information tooltip image The definition of the construct.

Involving appropriate individuals in the implementation and use of the intervention through a combined strategy of social marketing, education, role modeling, training, and other similar activities.

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