Knowledge Transfer and Utilization

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Design Intervention Prototype - Manualize Intervention to Assure Standardization

Evaluate Efficacy of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

Knowledge Beneficiaries

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Producers

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge Transfer Intervention

Knowledge Users

Knowledge Utilization

Network with Innovation Developers and Consultants

Operational Size and Structure

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Knowledge transfer is a commonly used term both within and outside of the health care sector and is defined as the process of getting (research) knowledge from producers to potential users (i.e., stakeholders). This term is often criticized for its linear (unidirectional) notion and its lack of concern with the implementation of transferred knowledge.

Knowledge utilization refers to the use of broadly defined knowledge including not only research evidence but also scholarly practice and programmatic interventions. It can be regarded as an overarching term that encompasses both research utilization and evidence-based practice.