Adaptation in dissemination and implementation science

Adaptation in dissemination and implementation science

D and/or I:
The focus on dissemination and/or implementation activities. D-only focuses on an active approach of spreading evidence-based interventions to target audience via determined channels using planned strategies. D=I, D>I, and I>D means there is some focus on both dissemination and implementation. I-only focuses on process of putting to use or integrating evidence-based interventions within a setting.


Socio-Ecological Levels:
The level of the framework at which the model operates. Individual includes personal characteristics; Organization includes hospitals, service organizations, and factories; Community includes local government and neighborhoods; System includes hospital systems and government; Policy includes changes in policy.


Number of Times Cited:
The # of times the original publication for the model was cited as indicated by Google Scholar since 2016.


Field of Origin:
The field of study in which the model originated.

Health Disparities

Whether the model is for the use of practitioners and/or researchers.

Researcher and Practitioner

Name of the construct developed by classifying/aligning the elements abstracted from models.

Adaptation and evolution

The original publication(s) of the model.

Baumann AA, Cabassa LJ, Stirman SW. Adaptation in dissemination and implementation science: Oxford University Press; 2017. 1093/oso/9780190683214.001.0001/oso-9780190683214-chapter-17.

Citations of studies that have used the model as an outline for their study.

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