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Model NameConceptual Framework for Research Knowledge Transfer and Utilization
D and/or ID-Only
Construct Flexibility3
Socio-Ecological LevelsOrganization
Figure No figure is associated with this model.
Field of OriginWorkplace health and safety
ConstructsAdaptation and evolution

Champion/field agent

Knowledge and Knowledge Synthesis



Outcomes - Implementation



Number of Times Cited17
CitationsKramer DM, Cole DC. Sustained, intensive engagement to promote health and safety knowledge transfer to and utilization by workplaces. Sci Commun 2003;25(1):56.
ExamplesKramer DM, Cole DC, Leithwood K. Doing knowledge transfer: engaging management and labor with research on employee health and safety. Bull Sci, Technol Soc 2004;24(4):316–30 doi:10.1177/0270467604267003

Allen, P., Sequeira, S., Jacob, R.R. et al. Promoting state health department evidence-based cancer and chronic disease prevention: a multi-phase dissemination study with a cluster randomized trial component. Implementation Sci 2013; 8, 141.
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