D&I Models Webtool


Select, view, and search D&I Models

In this section of the webtool you can learn about key strategies on how to select D&I models, view all D&I models included in this webtool, and search D&I models using a keyword or criteria you set. Once you find a model that fits with your D&I project, you can access more information about the model in the description including original publications and examples of its use.


Strategies to Select

View strategies to select D&I models. WE RECOMMEND that you start here.

View All D&I Models

Review and choose among available D&I Models. You can also see all references for the D&I models.

Search D&I Models

Search for D&I Models using specific criteria.


Once you have selected a D&I Model that best fits your research question, you can learn more about applying your model on the COMBINE, ADAPT or USE pages. Additionally, you can find list of constructs and affiliated measures associated with the selected D&I Model on the MEASURE page.