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Creating a Logic Model Figure (Roadmap) for Your Project

A logic model or diagram of the issues, activities and constructs involved in your implementation or dissemination project can really help with selecting the best D&I framework for your project. By a construct we mean a concept or element in your theory, intervention, implementation strategy or hypothesized outcome(s). Constructs are used in this website to help you select theories or frameworks, and examples of logic model diagrams and constructs are provided in the links below. We strongly advise you to view the brief Overview demonstration and then to work through the remaining sections. You will end up with a completed, personalized logic model that you can use for your grant or paper, and in the other website sections.

  1. Overview and 6 minute video of constructing a logic model (roadmap) for your project: (strongly recommended)

  2. Blank logic model diagram for implementation projects

    1. Blank Logic Model.

  3. Example completed logic models for:

    1. Public health project (community based Diabetes Prevention Program)

      Example Logic Model - Public Health Project (DPP).pdf
    2. Clinical, primary care Project (lung cancer screening and shared decision making project)

      Example Logic Model - Clinical Primary Care Project.pdf
  4. Blank Fillable PDF listing key constructs in your project

    1. Blank Fillable PDF Worksheet
  5. Example Worksheet PDF listing constructs

    1. Example Worksheet - Public Health Project (DPP).pdf

  6. Frequently Asked Questions (Coming soon)

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