D&I Model Webtool


Who should use this site?

This site is designed to be used by researchers and practitioners to choose among models that will help aid in dissemination and implementation studies.

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How do I use this site?

You can use the site by searching for tools three different ways: View All D&I Models, Search D&I Models, and View Commonly Used D&I Models. Additionally, you can visit the tutorial page.

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How were the models selected?

You can find out how the models were selected by reading our Methods section.

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Can I submit a model?

Yes. If you know of or use a D&I model that you do not see listed, you can submit it under the Submit a Model page. New models will be added to the site once they are validated according to our methods.

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Who do I contact if I have questions about the site?

If you have questions, please send them to us via our Contact page.

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