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DefinitionThe absolute number, proportion, and representativeness of individuals who are willing to participate in a given initiative.
Cost-Efficacy and Feasibility

Design Intervention Prototype – (4B) Design Intervention for Fit to Community Setting and Population

Ensure All Patients Receive the Interventions

Feasibility, Fidelity, Penetration, Acceptability, Sustainability, Uptake, Costs

Feedback on Execution and Fidelity




Readiness for Change/Capacity to Adopt


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ModelsConceptual Model of Implementation Research

EQ-DI Framework

Framework for Enhancing the Value of Research for Dissemination and Implementation

Model for Predictors of Adoption

Proctor's Implementation Outcomes

Pronovost's 4E's Process Theory

RE-AIM 1.0 Framework

RE-AIM 2.0/Contextually Expanded RE-AIM

Transcreation Framework for Community-engaged Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Health Disparities

Number of Models9
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