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DefinitionOutcome variables, the end results of evidence-based interventions, in D&I research are often different from those in traditional health research and have to be defined broadly, including short- and long-term outcomes, individual and organizational- or population-level outcomes, impacts on quality of life, adverse consequences, and economic evaluation. Although individual-level variables can also be important (e.g., behavior change variables such as smoking or physical activity), outcome measures in D&I research are typically measured at organizational, community, or policy level (e.g., organizational change, community readiness for change).
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ModelsCanadian Institutes of Health Research Knowledge Translation within the Research Cycle Model or Knowledge Action Model

Critical Realism & the Arts Research Utilization Model (CRARIUM)

Dissemination and Implementation Framework for an Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Program

Facilitating Adoption of Best Practices (FAB) Model

Framework for the Dissemination & Utilization of Research for Health-Care Policy & Practice

Framework of Dissemination in Health Services Intervention Research

Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model and Guidelines

Transcreation Framework for Community-engaged Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Health Disparities

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