Construct Details

Define the Scope of the Practice Question

Defining the range of opportunities for action

Describe the ideas

Identification of high-risk/high-volume diseases/problems

Identification of Need for new intervention

Identify an EBP Question

Identify and implement interventions (including performance

criteria) to promote best practices"

Identify and intervene

Identify and Specify Problem

Identify Best Practices

Identify potential interventions and actividies

Identify Problems

Identify the next steps



Identifying the contributing factors and points of intervention


Issue salience

Nature of the problem

Patient population or problem


Problem Definition


Topic Selection

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ModelsConceptual Model of Knowledge Utilization

Convergent Diffusion and Social Marketing Approach for Dissemination

Framework for Analyzing Adoption of Complex Health Innovations

Framework for Knowledge Translation

Framework for Spread

Framework for Translating Evidence into Action

Health Promotion Technology Transfer Process

Interacting Elements of Integrating Science, Policy, and Practice

Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model and Guidelines

Knowledge Exchange Framework

Model for Improving the Dissemination of Nursing Research

Replicating Effective Programs Plus Framework

Streams of Policy Process

Technology Transfer Model

US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI)

Number of Models15
MeasureGEM D&I link: Identification