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Definition Involving appropriate individuals in the implementation and use of the intervention through a combined strategy of social marketing, education, role modeling, training, and other similar activities.
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Adult: Parent - Knowledge

Adult: Parent - Engagement

Adult: Teacher - Knowledge

Adult: Teacher - Engagement

Child - Knowledge

Collaborative Design and Evaluation


Design Intervention Prototype – Integrate 4A and B to Develop Intervention Components; Vet Prototype for Relevance and Potential for Success


Engage a Coalition of Credible Campaign Sponsors


Engagement and Adaptation


Facilitated Meetings Between Decision Makers and Researchers

Identify Community Infrastructure and Engage Partners - Identify Partners and Form an Academic Community Coalition to Address the Health Disparity

Parent - Knowledge

Parent - Intention/Goal Setting

Prioritize Specialized Training

Specify Theory – Identify Framework of Social-Ecological Determinants of Disparities

Specify Theory – Determine Theoretical Basis for Behavioral Changes

Stakeholders Identifying Low-Value Care

Teacher - Intention/Goal Setting

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ModelsBlueprint for Dissemination

Choosing Wisely Deimplementation Framework

Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

conNECT Framework

Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research

Dissemination and Implementation Framework for an Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Program

EQ-DI Framework

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

Pronovost's 4E's Process Theory

Real-World Dissemination

Transcreation Framework for Community-engaged Behavioral Interventions to Reduce Health Disparities

Number of Models11
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