Construct Details

DefinitionFormal or informal channels, which employ mass
media, social media, and which may involve personalized face-to-face contact. Links those with knowledge of innovation with those who don't possess knowledge. Mass-media channels: radio, television, newspaper.
Interpersonal channels: face-to-face interaction
Interactive communication channels: internet
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Collective action

Characteristics of the Communication

Communicate recommended change to stakeholders

Communicate the findings Communication (awareness & technical) Communication and Influence Communication Channel

Diffusion networks Need communication Related to Communication Message

Communication and influence across the continuum of diffusion (informal, unplanned) and dissemination (formal, planned): social networks, homophily, peer opinion, marketing, expert opinion, champions, boundary spanners, change agents

ModelsConsolidated Framework for Implementation Research

Dissemination and Implementation Framework for an Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Program

Facilitating Adoption of Best Practices (FAB) Model

Greenhalgh Diffusion of Innovations in Service Organizations

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

Model for Improving the Dissemination of Nursing Research

Model for Locally Based Research Transfer Development

Model for Predictors of Adoption

Practical, Robust Implementation and Sustainability Model (PRISM)

RAND Model of Persuasive Communication and Diffusion of Medical Innovation

Research Development Dissemination and Utilization Framework

Six-Step Framework for International Physical Activity Dissemination

Number of Models12
MeasureGEM D&I link: Communication