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Model NameAvailability, Responsiveness & Continuity (ARC): An Organizational & Community Intervention Model
D and/or II-Only
Construct Flexibility5
Socio-Ecological LevelsOrganization
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Field of OriginMental health
ConstructsAdopter/implementer/decision maker characteristics

Context - Inner setting

Context - Outer setting

Innovation characteristics

Outcomes - Quality Improvement/Practice or Policy change

Patient/target audience characteristics and needs


Number of Times Cited89
CitationsGlisson C, Schoenwald SK. The ARC organizational and community intervention strategy for implementing evidence-based children's mental health treatments. Mental Health Serv Res 2005;7(4):243–59.

Glisson C, Schoenwald SK, Hemmelgarn A, et al. Randomized trial of MST and ARC in a two-level evidence-based treatment implementation strategy. J Consult Clin Psychol 2010;78(4):537–50.
ExamplesGlisson C, Dukes D, Green P. The effects of the ARC organizational intervention on caseworker turnover, climate, and culture in children's service systems. Child Abuse Neglect 2006;30(8):855–80.
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