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Model NamePrecede-Proceed Model
D and/or ID=I
Construct Flexibility5
Socio-Ecological LevelsIndividual
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malonetta birth control malonetta amning

Field of OriginHealth
ConstructsBarriers and facilitators

Communication channels

Innovation characteristics

Outcomes - Health/QOL/Satisfaction/Clinical


Number of Times Cited391
CitationsGreen LW, Kreuter MW. Health program planning : an educational and ecological approach. 4th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2005.
ExamplesCurran GM, Mukherjee S, Allee E, Owen RR. A process for developing an implementation intervention: QUERI Series. Implemen Sci 2008;3(1):17.

Gary TL, Bone LR, Hill MN, et al. Randomized controlled trial of the effects of nurse case manager and community health worker interventions on risk factors for diabetes-related complications in urban African Americans. Prev Med 2003;37(1):23–32.

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Ottoson JM, Green LW. Community outreach: from measuring the difference to making a difference with health information. J Med Library Assoc 2005;93(4S):S49.
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