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Model NameRosswurm & Larabee 'Research Utilization Model'
D and/or ID>I
Construct Flexibility5
Socio-Ecological LevelsIndividual
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Field of Origin
Number of Times Cited4
CitationsRosswurm MA, Larrabee JH. A model for change to evidence-based practice. Image J Nurs Sch. 1999;31(4):317-322.
ExamplesKavanagh D, Connolly P, Cohen J. Promoting evidence-based practice: implementing the American Stroke Association's acute stroke program. Journal of nursing care quality. Apr-Jun 2006;21(2):135-142;Long LE, Burkett K, McGee S. Promotion of safe outcomes: Incorporating evidence into policies and procedures. The Nursing clinics of North America. Mar 2009;44(1):57-70, x-xi
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