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Model NameUS Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI)
D and/or ID=I
Construct Flexibility4
Socio-Ecological LevelsOrganization
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Field of OriginVA
Practioner/ResearcherPractitioner, Researcher


Number of Times Cited103
CitationsDemakis JG, McQueen L, Kizer KW, Feussner JR. Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI): A collaboration between research and clinical practice. Med Care 2000 Jun;38:I17–25.~[PubMed: 10843267] ~ McQueen L, Mittman BS, Demakis JG. Overview of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) ~ Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI). J Am Med Inform Assoc 2004 Sep-Oct; ~ 11:339–43. [PubMed: 15187071] ~~ Hagedorn H, Hogan M, Smith JL, Bowman C, Curran GM, Espadas D, et al. Lessons learned about implementing research evidence into clinical practice. Experiences from VA QUERI. J Gen Intern Med 2006 Feb;21 2:S21–4. [PubMed: 16637956]
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